Sunday, October 7, 2012


 Recently, my good friend Lenna hosted a prayer flag swap, where each participant created 3 prayer flags and three were sent back in return.  It was the MOST AMAZING swap!  The beauty, creativeness, and diversity of each one is incredible, and I am honored to share with you the three that I received!  

The  "HOPE" flag was created by Sabine Schneider of Germany!  She painted her tree with glitter,  I love that!  and painted the word Hope on the fabric.  I forgot to show the fabric piece on the back that says in her own language...."Who fights can lose, who doesn't fight has already lost."

This "Serenity flag was created by Val Cowan.  I think the image of the angel in the background is so beautiful with the words printed on top....

And this flag of a fabric collage of wonderful bits with the image created of a bird is by Constance Taylor.  Constance has created a magical feel with her combination of elements and her quote of "SONG"!

You can click my link here to see more of the flags on Lenna's will make you smile! Thanks for visiting!


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