Sunday, June 14, 2009


The team over at Objects and Elements is having a closure challenge, so I used this opportunity to work in a new closure and some other things I've been meaning to try. I ordered some of their sari silk recently, and was dying to use it. I combined that with a patinaed and stamped copper piece that I made, also set some eyelets in, then got out the torch, burned some ball ends on brass and sterling and wrapped it all together. It's strange how I can go from stitching( so quiet!), to hammering and torching and it all makes me so happy!!
When I saw the silk, it immediately reminded me of the prayer flags in Nepal. I have never been there, but my brother traveled there a few years ago and has a beautiful collection of photos...someday I hope to post some of those.
I would like to propose a challenge for all of us, a non tangible challenge, and never ending, but not always so easy,.......... let's all try to live by this word!!


Here is just the beginning of my idea for Scarlett Lanson's "Use The Muse II" challenge. I am really enjoying this as I can incorporate stitching, really relaxing to me, and some beadwork. I do have a plan, but it is wide open to change, and so far I'm liking it. It's different for me and a lot of fun! Even if you don't beadweave, (and you don't have to), you should surely check out Scarlett's awesome talent and what she's doing with this contest!! And the generous Scarlett has worked hard to offer blogger rewards every week!
OH, and of course, I can't reveal the MUSE!!


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