Monday, September 28, 2009


This is an ATC I did over the weekend for the Artchix group bi weekly lottery. The theme is enchantment. All I can think is that lately I have been enchanted by blue, just can't get enough of it! Since delving into mixed media I also have taken on an odd affection for pink. When I was in college I loved pink, and then at some point I began to hate it, and have not really used it for a looooooong time. But now I'm liking it again. You may laugh, but I think part of that influence comes from Esther! The first time I saw Esther's blog, there was a lot of pink floating around, and I was immediately enchanted with looked magical! The little pink stars that float around when you move your curser on her French blog are adorable!! So I think that she has inadvertently helped me to appreciate pink. But back to blue, that's the obsession of late. Does anyone else ever have a complete reversal of color preference?


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