Thursday, December 3, 2009


A quick post to show you some new bracelets I made.....and the last one is DIFFERENT. Sometimes I feel the need to stitch, even though it's been a long time since I have. There is something very calming and quiet about it. So the last bracelet is a very organic freeform version of my stitching. I learned this technique from an issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry, but don't remember which one, but credit must be given to the wonderful artist who did the tutorial. The nice thing is that each one comes out different, and they feel beautiful next to your skin. As for the other bracelets, I think the elements speak for themselves. You can't argue with the beauty of mother nature's stones ! Also, the second bracelet features a marvelous handmade link that I used as the eye of my clasp, made by the famous sweet friend! I think we should all leave her a comment to sell them on etsy...right?!! The first bracelet has me just captivated with the phrenite nuggets....the picture doesn't do them justice...the color is sublime . All are listed on etsy.

And a big thank you to SANDA.. of Sanda's Hobby Blog, for this adorable and sweet award she gave to me! Thank you Sanda!! Go visit her blog to see her outstanding creations....her cards are incredible, and she has some wonderful mixed media!!


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