Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Blooming Love

copyright sharon borsavage 9-23-2009


Blooming Love was created for Helga's challenge at My ARTistic Life. The theme was pink and green. Again, I tried some things I never tried before...made a background of tissue paper, acrylics, image of the woman from Artchix, scrap paper and magazine clippings, stamping, some flowers and fabrics.

The mess is posted by request of Kate over at The Kathryn Wheel, who BTW, has some really fabulous artwork herself! She posted a photo of her workspace, and thought it was messy...I really didn't think it was as bad as mine. As you can see, the jewelry workspace is about a 4"x10" space now, and because there isn't any room on the table for mixed media, I have to go onto the kitchen table to do that! Don't get me wrong though, because I really love my small house! If it were bigger, there would be MORE stuff all over a bigger area. AND, I DO NOT LIKE TO CLEAN, so I don't want any more space to take care of! I manage. Yes, I could use a room of my own, but I don't have it, and if that's all I don't have in life, then I can deal with that.
The more I have, the more I want.....I want, I want, I want....and I DON"T want to be like that!!


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