Thursday, April 14, 2011



Spirit Speaks

It has been a very loooong time since I made some art for me, and finally I let it happen. I needed it, er, I still need it. As much as I love my jewelry, I was formally schooled in Fine Arts, and that is the Bachelor Degree that I have. I left that all go years ago to pursue a family, and somehow lost touch of that. As I started to create jewelry a few years ago, and then blog, I suddenly was opened to a whole new world of art! A place where art is for art sakes, no need for justification, or judgement. I started small with atc's, and they are still my favorite, but unfortunately I have very few(maybe 5!), of all the atc's I created. Now, I would like to make some for me, and to continue to experiment and explore what is in my heart. I hope to keep sharing my art with you from time to time., and I appreciate the fact that you visit, and support me!


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