Sunday, January 13, 2013


Well, I have spent the whole week trying to build up strength to start creating. My whole house is recovering from the flu this past week, and it was ugly. Thankfully everyone is slowly returning to's a slow process. This week has left me feeling like I need color, to push away the dreariness of the winter. 

I have had these beads by Donna Millard for ages, and finally got around to using them, and am happy I did....they are really beautiful!

 Shades of purple are not usually my thing, but again, something is calling I put these earrings together, and I like they way they turned out....sparkly, and a pop of something fresh! 

I think color is the answer to fight off the winter blues here, so I plan on continuing to try new things and new word of the year...TRY!

Thanks for visiting and to all new followers! You too fill my days with beautiful color!


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