Sunday, October 11, 2009


I had no real reason to make this necklace, except the idea and concept felt good. I wanted to use the metal pendant I had initially made as a pair of earrings, but they turned out too noisy for me! I found some beads, particularly the brown blister pearls, the rose rectangular pearls, and the cream faceted glass, that I really liked, and wanted to use them, I just liked the combination, it felt good. I always have a tough time using fabric in my pieces, but I'm always drawn to it, and figured since I had this brown ribbon, I thought it went well. It feels very brown and rosy out these days, still with a touch of lingering green, but it's a warm feeling of browness, a snuggle up with a blanket warm. My homemade balled end copper circle links have become a particular favorite of mind, and they always represent the cycle of life, beginning to end, and not always perfect. The blister pearls I use many times, they seem to say to me to "fly", but the metal keeps me anchored and I continue on. Here's to a new day, anew week, a new view.


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