Monday, July 29, 2013


I'm taking hints from the garden trying to interpret that into my jewelry, and my job is made easy with some of the beautiful artisan pieces made by this incredible jewelry making communit ! I made the etched copper and sterling stitched piece here, but the long lovely rustic polymer clay shard dangling from the bottom was made by Staci Klinger Smith, who works wonders with her polymer clay magic at turning clay into ancient tribal treasures!  She also gifted me with the beautiful tumbled green glass time worn, soft, and pretty, what gardens are made of.

Another artist that I admire a lot is Kimberly Smith of Numinosity Beads. She makes these incredible "criffles", that teal colored wavy disc that you see in the photo below, that are really beautiful and unique. They lend themselves well to my garden necklace, the wave of the disc resembles the petals of a flower, at least that how my mind might that is......

Thanks for coming on this week's walk with me! I always enjoy and greatly appreciate your visits!


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