Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I do have to admit, that I am a teensy bit proud to have one of my necklaces in "The Best of Stringing" issue, that just came out recently. Sorry again for the lousy photos, but to be perfectly honest, I am coming down with a cold as I type this...I feel it settling into my bones, and I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT, plus, it's just been one of those really crappy days besides that, so I didn't feel like dragging out the lights for the photo, so I just "winged it", as we say. I made this pendant, one of only a few, that was an image transfer, and combined it with some wonderful Gaea beads, swarovski's, hill tribe spacers, and adventurine. Thanks to all my blog friends and visitors for encouraging me and helping me get to this point....you are all my muse, thank you, thank you!!


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