Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This one is for me! I had admired Shannon LeVart's tutorial for Recycled Sari Silk and Stone Bangle for a while, So I finally purchased it, and let me just say, it is the best! It is just my style, loose, free, and really a lot of fun! I just loved making this, and can't wait to make a bunch more. A lot of times I devote a lot of time into the creative process of making my pieces, there is a lot of meaning behind them, but sometimes I just like to put things together because I like the colors and the shapes, and it is solely about that relationship, the design. So that is what you see here, two pieces made just like that, one for me, and one for my shop! Be sure to visit Shannon's blog, MissFickleMedia, you won't be disappointed, amazing is an understatement.
As always, thanks for visiting. I really appreciate all of you.

Indian Summer

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