Thursday, January 2, 2014


Yes, I am still here. You know how it is, when you haven't posted for so long, that you start to feel that as each day passes, and the time grows longer and longer, it gets harder and harder to get yourself together! Well, I just had to, and this is one of the reasons! I just had to share with you this incredibly beautiful and generous Christmas gift sent to me by my friend Terri of Artful Affirmations.  Terri is the most kind and generous soul, and she touched my heart so deeply with these special handmade treasures that she sent, and wonderful vintage items she took the time to find. Thank you so much Terri !

Aren't these pieces wonderful?!! The top photo is the tin that everything came packaged in, it is so lovely and dainty and nostalgic and I LOVE IT!  The dreamy bits of vintage laces and buttons....sigh....some special beads collected from various trips, teas for me to try and some I forgot to include in the photo...oops! 

MORE super special stones!!!

THEE MOST GORGEOUS tag I have ever seen...please click to see all the layers Terri has sewn in this tag, I will leave it up all year!

There is very very special necklace Terri also made for me, but that will be part two of the post, in a few days.....too much to post!

Thank you for visiting after such a long absence, and I will be around to visit all of you!

Happy New Year to all and and a healthy one too!


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