Thursday, November 26, 2009


The earrings above are quite simple I know, but again, earthy, organic, and right. Simple is good.
I'd like to give my simple thanks to all of you at this time, for your friendship, support, encouragement, and love. Some days you are all the strength that gets me through the day, and other days you get to share my joy. I have never met any of you, yet I feel I could not function fully without you. Well, I could, but I surely would not want to. Thank you for enriching my life, and my work. I wish for us all to remember to be thankful all the time, and our continued growth and frienship.
These earrings are going on etsy in a few minutes, where I am putting all my pieces on sale at 25% off for the holiday, to give thanks!
Hugs to everyone!!


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