Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yes, here I am, in my cute flannel pj's, with a freshly scrubbed face, getting ready to putz around for the night with my arty stuff! Really am feeling happy and silly, and had my daughter take a photo of 2 of my favorite things, Esthers incredibly gorgeous ring she made me, and Lenna's notebook that I just HAD to buy from her because it is so beautiful! Everyday, at least one or many of you touch my life, even if I do not blog or talk to are near me in all forms, and I think of all of you during my day, and it really makes me soooo happy!! These are also pictures of of some incredibly beautiful mail art that comes to me every time Lenna and I exchange something! She is such a talented mixed media artist, and a MASTER of mail art! They are sooo beautiful, I have to think of something to do with them, click on the photos for a closer look at all the details! The pink and green quilt was done by Lenna also, I traded her for that with my Blooming Love piece.....but this quilt is exquisite! Esther is also a fabulous mixed media artist, and is the one responsible for for getting me to try it in the first place! She has another blog, in French for most of that work, called l'atelier de Lilibulle, purely incredible! All my blog friends are so talented and giving....and I hold all of you so close to my heart.


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