Sunday, November 7, 2010


Quite a while ago, oh, about a year I would say, I found some really old newspapers behind my grandparents very elaborate and old baptismal certificates from the church, and a wedding certificate. I took them to Kinko's , the certificates too, and had them photocopied in a mirror image, with the plan of transferring them into mixed media for a project. That project happened this weekend, well, at least one of them! The newspapers and the certificates are all in Polish, so I really wanted to use them as they are a huge part of my gram and her heritage, and who she was. This is an 8"x 8" canvas that I painted with titan buff, and distressed a bit with burnt umber and added a bit of meadow green. I transferred a torn part of the newspaper onto the canvas by a gel transfer, and was really happy with the way it turned out. I then glued a piece of a sewing pattern and placed the image of me and my gram on top. I had photocopied a photo of us, cut it out of cardstock, and stuck it on with those pop dot thingies to give us some dimension. I added a beautiful bit of Lorraine of Creative Daily's fabulous blue patterned fabric, a piece of my Gram's hankerchief, and a piece of an old ruler. I gave my grandma wings, because the little I can remember of her, is like a beautiful creature that took me to in her wings. I gave myself a small butterfly to hang onto, signifying my growth. Oh, and of course, some of gram's old buttons I have. I have plans to make more with other family members, possibly as gifts for my family. I had so much fun telling our story this way. I think she would have liked it.

Thanks for visiting as always, and your incredible friendships!


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