Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well, the stagnancy didn't last long, because I didn't let it. This was purely an impulse piece I did tonight. I was proud of myself because it only took two hours...I usually drag things out way longer than that, so in that respect I did something different. I am happy with everything about it, but believe or not, this started out in my mind to be a whimsical piece...ha! Everytime I try to lighten up it just doesn't happen...this happens. I am happy about the fact that it is not vintagy looking, and more art than collage, but I can't get a hang of that whimsy, and I am beginning to think I shouldn't try. At least the thought got me this far, so I accept this as progress. Does this happen to anyone else?
In my mind, I see this as deep and dark. How do you see it, do you see it that way? I would really like to know what you see.....It may help me accept what I am.
I always appreciate your visits, and I love your friendship and comments....always...thank you.


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