Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I think the freedom of expression I have been experiencing in creating mixed media has helped me see my jewelry making in a bit of a new light. I made these earrings recently, and I think for me they are a bit looser style, less refined than what I am used to, and RED....I rarely consider red as a color to work with, probably because I am so pale!!!, but when I won these gorgeous red glass beads from Cindy Gimbrone, along with the chinese coins, they called for me to do something. Asian and far eastern cultures have been appealing to me as of late, and that you will see surface in some of my art soon. Being a Gemini, I go in and out of styles, mediums, colors.....and get bored easily, and change obsessions often!! Is anyone else a Gemini??? I'd love to know if you experience the same thing. I can wake up in the morning with an urgency to do a specific thing, and by nighttime I won't even consider it because I think it's ridiculous!! I'm curious to know how many other people DRIVE THEMSELVES CRAZY?!!


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