Sunday, December 5, 2010


I can't believe I forgot to show these goodies I found at the flea market last week! The pearls are not really very old, but I really loved the clasps so I had to take them. The smaller pearls have a nice aged patina to them. I am not certain what the flowers are made of, I think bone, they were a bit pricey, but had to have them, they are truly gorgeous. The best find of the day and the year are the vintage brass pieces ....the friendship hands and the buckle of some sort with rhinestones. My mind is swirling with thoughts of how I want to use these! The piece in between the brass pieces is a piece of victorian hair jewelry. I had never heard of this but my lovely vintage supply lady educated me a bit on the subject, if you are curious, just google it, and you will be amazed as I was. I was a bit creeped out, but that quickly turned into fascination, and I am sure to be using this braided remembrance in something unique!
The great fabric and laces in the background are from Lorraine Stobie of Creative Daily. We did a little exchange, and I was gifted with her beautiful fibers......I am happy!


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