Sunday, November 8, 2009


I went to a bead show today only a few miles from here, which is really a rare event in this part of the world! I had a blast, BY MYSELF, and spent 4 hours when I thought I would have been done in two. Sooo much to see, and I usually want one of everything I see!! Some things I haven't shown though, so I can show you later in the pieces I have planned....hehe.
I have been working to the bone to get ready for a jewelry party I have on Wed., so I need to keep this short. Hope some of these colors have inspired you!! Here's to a happy and colorful new week ahead!!

AND, IF I MAY ASK A HUUUUUGE FAVOR from my dearest blog friends....Sally of WIREWORKED has just started a blog, so if you can go and give her a visit, I'd really appreciate it! Sally and I took jewelry lessons together at the same time from LIZ REVIT, another friend and artist from my neck of the woods. Sally is super talented in many aspects of jewelry, and I remember how hard it was when I started blogging, so I'd like to try to make her feel welcome, because all of you did that for me! Go see her work and Liz's, you'll be surprised! Thanks everyone!!


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