Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today I wanted to show everyone the generousity of Marsha of TumbleFish Studio! We did a little trade, I think a very lopsided one, since I am such a rookie, and Marsha a seasoned veteran! Marsha gifted me with this beauty, very meaningful to me because it really represents confidence that she has helped to give me on this mixed media journey of mine. I gave her my Geek Love piece, which I was honored to give and that she asked! Marsha's kindness has been truly amazing and touching, and she has been more than kind......she is really a gem!! If you are not familiar with her work , please go look at it now, you will be so happy you did!! Every new post from her is a treat to the eye and mind!!
Also, there are many others in this mixed media venture, who have been so kind to me, encouraging, motivational, and inspirational, and I will try to speak of all of them at some point, because just like my jewelry family, I would love to share them with you, and their creativity!!
But today it's Marsha! Thank you TumbleFish Marsha!! I'm going now to put my shoes on!!


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