Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm not sure why, in fact I have no idea, but I have this urgent feeling to be connecting with the old things in my life....like THIS button. It's wood, and it still has the original thread in it, that was in my box of buttons from my gram. It FEELS wonderful, all smooth and perfectly worn from fingertips. I only have one like it, so I am going to keep this one for myself, but plan to make similar versions. I used faceted crystal quartz, faceted labradorite, a baroque freshwater pearl, sterling, and a little swarovski.
The old, and the worn, and the vintage appeal to me a lot, and I have not been able to translate that into my mixed media yet, which is becoming frustrating. You know how you see it in your mind, but it does not turn out that way!!
Well....forward march!!


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