Thursday, April 23, 2009


I was looking at a beautiful blog the other day, and I think it planted a seed in my head!! The blog is Santos and Tesoros, and it's lovely!! Tammy and Rob have some beautiful creations and the atmosphere they have created in their work and on their blog has settled in my brain! The colors are beautiful, Tammy's jewelry is beautiful, and Rob's wood carvings are outstanding! I have always felt the Mexican culture is beautiful, and the art stunning, and they are a good representation of that. I will be checking their blog often since I need and want to learn more of other cultures. This bracelet is what grew out of visiting their blog. I used a green girl pendant, with some intense yellow chalcedony nuggets, some bone beads, silver disc links, and some really beautiful Sue Beads!! Available on etsy this weekend.


I want to thank everyone who commented on my question for the giveaway, you have really given me some great insight and some real gut feelings about your art and beliefs! I used the random number generator to pick the winner, and SOOOOOOOO, the winner is


Heather, congratulations, I guess that was your graduation good luck!! Give me your email so I can send you some courage!

Visit Heather on her blog to learn more about her and her awesome jewelry work!!


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