Sunday, June 28, 2009


OK, I know I'm a little impatient, but I can't stand it anymore! I AM in the July issue of Bead Trends!!!!!!!FINALLY, my first publication!!!HOORAY!!! B U T , I still have not received my copy yet. UGH!! I had 5 minutes the other day on my lunch break and ran to the B & N and saw it there, quickly, but i do know that I saw it with my own eyes, 2 necklaces in the back of the magazine, not sure of the pages. Seems everyone I know on the blog has received their copy but me. Melissa from Chinook got her's a week ago Friday. I realize that I am on the other side of the country, but my friend Liz Revit, who lives about 2 miles from me, received her's the other day, so now I really can't stand it. BUT, I am very excited I'm published, and will be in the same magazine for a few months to come!! My ongoing work and blogging with everyone here has gotten me to this point and I thank everyone for encouraging me!! I look to the blog daily for your friendship and inspiration. Lately I have been working on a special project, so I can't really post anything, but I hope to have some new things soon.
And about my friend Liz, who lives close to me, but more importantly was my first jewelry teacher, first inspiration, first source of encouragement, and one of the most talented and kind people I know! She has a terrific bracelet in the July issue also, so check it out! Also, check out Liz's etsy store!!! She is involved in painting, jewelry making, cards, and has recently been published in the book "Earrings, Earrings, Earrings"! She's super talented and her work is so much fun, her pictures are so full of whimsy!! She has her hands in everything and does a great job at all of it! Liz is the reason I do what I do with jewelry. I have tremendous respect for her, and can never thank her enough!


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