Sunday, May 17, 2009


I received some wonderful gifts this weekend from my good friend Kristen of Waking Beauty Designs. We did a swap of earrings and some other goodies!! Kristen makes the most beautiful earrings, and they are all my favorites. I love her wrapped fiber technique and she has a wonderful eye for the most beautiful gemstones. And, she has been a terrific friend! And then, I received a package from one of the sweetest people I've met, Lilibulle, from France!! We met on the blog through Amber Dawn's International Charm Day, and we really connected.. Lilibulle makes the neatest little charms out of all sorts of different mediums,. and I am fascinated!
They make me smile, so colorful, vibrant and alive. She also made the card and the sweet bag, she's a real doll, and she makes me look at things in a new way! This again is the best part of this blog, to exchange ideas, inspiration, and culture!!! ( I really could use to learn and speak a few words in French though!)


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