Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I always wished I could, and I love birds for the fact that they can! How incredible would that be? My best friend told me as a very small girl, she jumped off the top of her stairs in the house because she TRULY believed she could fly! (BTW, she was fine). Erin, of Treasures-Found, speaks daily of the power of belief!! So when I saw this pendant from Julie Haymaker Thompson.....had to have it! This necklace came to me effortlessly...the pendant spoke. I've never worked with brass wire...I'm so much a silver girl, but it lent itself to this piece perfectly, as did Doreen Willey's polymer clay beads(so beautiful!), Gaea's crackle beads(so beautiful!), and Green Girl Studio's pewter bird(so beautiful!). So I made this necklace with and for the power of belief, belief you can fly, or the equivalent in life, if you believe!


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