Thursday, July 16, 2009


This is the reason I haven't been creating jewelry....I have a ton of work , aka, writing, for upcoming submissions that I have to get done, and I keep stopping to try making ATC's . This is my very first attempt....I know they are not so good, but I had to start somewhere. The one with the tree is not done, but I thought i would put myself out there and show you what's going on......and to anyone in the mixed media, altered art, ATC dept of blogland out there who sees this, pleeaase help with any comments or suggestions. I really don't know what the he-- I'm doing!
On other news, I do keep stopping by the bead table, and keep adding to the ongoing clutter , transferring that from my head to the table, as you can see.....and am very frustrated that I can't finish anything because I SHOULD finish other things first!
I have the next few days off, and will be doing some vacationy kind of things, I'm hoping the slower pace helps center me a bit.
Pleeeaaase don't forget to spread the word about my giveaway or enter yourself right here, there is still lots of time!!!


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