Monday, May 2, 2011


Let me start by saying that it has been a very long couple of days. My hard drive died Friday night, and had to be replaced, and of course I lost everything. But with a brand new start to the computer comes a brand new start to my art! I was moved to create a journal page this weekend. I have a love hate relationship with pink, but I really can't resist it in the spring. I was inspired as I drove home from work seeing all the beautiful blossoms emerging on the trees, it has been a sea of pink, and very beautiful. I used a bit of a different approach , trying to incorporate not everything old, if that makes sense. It is definitely not one of my better works, but I made it and I am happy about that. I would like to incorporate another style into the way I currently work, so this will be a process, but the process is starting to feel fun again!
Thank you all for your wonderful comments and for stopping by, I appreciate it so much!


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