Sunday, July 5, 2009


I finally got to the flea market today. As always, when I go, I get all jittery and nervous just thinking of it while I'm driving there! I get really excited, and as soon as I get there my head starts to spin with all the lovely sites! I get really hyper!! Sunday is the only day I can go, and that's usually only about once a month. Chris is the only vendor that I see most of the time. We have been doing business for years and years, and she is very fair and knows her stuff! I went crazy today trying to pick, and this is what I chose.........A pretty pink quilted oblong box to use as a prop and to stash beady goods, vintage postcards, brass buttons, lots of mother of pearl buttons, a super luscious strand of ruby fire polish czech glass, some tiny black glass beads, an unusual strand of amber, a pair of silver plate medallions of some sort, a FABULOUS old book with some lovely illustrations, and a very unique silk screened folded piece framed in wood!! WOW, I sure had fun! A lot of these things I bought to use in artist trading cards, which I've started to make and hope to share with you soon. That was my day, a nice mind altering Sunday!


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