Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I ordered a piece from the extremely talented Lynn Davis, and this house came along with it. I couldn't wait to get the piece I ordered, but when I saw this in person, I was so attracted to it, and the necklace really came together quickly. It's funny, because when I was a little younger, I never wanted to be home, always wanted to go out and do something......run, run, run. Well now, I usually can't wait to get home from work and relax in my house, my chair, my yard, my work table, and my bed . I have a very small house(and I like it that way, less cleaning, less stuff!), and have gotten to the point of trying to keep around only things that are important to me. My house means a lot more to me than it did years ago. It's more about how it makes me feel in the house than what it looks like anymore. Being with my family happens in the house, I eat here most often, I rest here, I love here, and the plus is that it is also where I grew up, and where my grandparents lived, in the same house. It makes me feel good, fuzzy and warm. I hope this little piece of jewelry represents the same!

available on etsy later today


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