Sunday, July 14, 2013



            As is par for the course, I tend to fall into a rut with my style of jewelry making, or a certain train of thought, always choosing the same colors, doing the same things over and over, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah, at least that is how I feel. That feeling starts to nag at my soul terribly until I cannot stand it and I have to do something about it! For a few weeks I have been mulling over the idea of playing with metal again, which for me, is like going back to my roots, or the very beginning of my jewelry making, except I didn't know a lot then. I only know a little more now. It is just so refreshing to do something different and new, to open your mind to new ideas, and once you start that process, and the ball starts to roll, it is such an incredible rush when the ball becomes a huge snowball , or a runaway train, and you can't keep up!
           So, I spent the weekend playing and creating new metal pieces in a style that is a bit different for me, but I am liking the cleanness and the lines and am happy for now to see where it will go.

              Thanks for taking a look. I hope this week brings you a happy new adventure!


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