Monday, July 11, 2011


I just had to share some photos of these wonderful gifts sent to me by my wonderful friend Karen! Look at this absolutely gorgeous pincushion Karen made for me! I am so in love with it, the muslin, the crochet lace bit, the fancy pins, the lace, and those teeny tiny buttons in the base! Ahhh, I just love sewing notions and doo dads, and I finally have a proper pincushion! I am smiling big every single time I look at it and think of my talented friend. And what can I say about these spectacular religious medals?!! I am speechless really, they are incredible, and I cherish every one. If you go to Karen's blog now, you will see the most outrageously creative fiber necklace she just made. Karen has been featured in Belle Armoire for her fiber jewelry, and she is creative in so many ways.

So now on to another week, another pair (or maybe two) of new earrings! I still love hammering metal a lot, and I really like how these turned out. I think I love green , and the sparkle with the shabby copper makes me happy. Hope you like them.
I don't know about you, but since the blogger issues a while ago, my photos do not post in the order I want them to, so sorry for the layout here. Thanks to all for taking a peek, and I just love all your comments! Hope everyone is having a great week.


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