Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This card I am showing here is a beautiful thank you from a wonderful lady I met on the blog, Lesley, of Paperliscious Delicious. Lesley makes the most beautiful cards and paper pieces , just gorgeous, I would call them perfect. As you can see from this one, there are so many details in them, it's amazing, and the more you look the more you see. Lesley bought 2 pieces of jewelry from my etsy store, so when I sent them to her, I sent a small extra pair of earrings because she was so kind, and said such wonderful things about my jewelry. She in turn sent me this card that I just love, and will keep this by me as I work and remind me daily of the things I should be thinking about. Thank you so much Lesley. I am continually astounded at the kindness and generosity of the people I meet here, and Lesley expressed the same sentiments in her note.

The next photos are of a vintage suitcase that I have had for about 1o years, and just discovered what I wanted to do with it! I have to present my jewelry to someone this weekend who is interested in buying it, and didn't really feel that packing up my pieces in baggies (like I usually do to go to a show), presented them in their best light. Actually, my brother's girlfriend suggested this a while back, but it took me while to do it, but I am so glad I did. I think it will also make a really nice display at my show table too. If you are interested, I cut 2 pieces of floral styrofoam to the size and covered the top and sides with a quilt batting, and then a fabric of choice. I hot glued the fabric around the styrofoam, and then hot glued the whole piece to the inside of the suitcase. I arranged the jewelry on the background and held it in place with silver floral pins...easy in and out, and easy to carry.

I feel like I found harmony with this project, this is me, it reflects me and who I am. When presenting my work to the public, I am always faced with the appearance factor, and how it comes across, I think this is very important. I can also say that marketing, selling, and branding is a lot of work. Jewelry making comes easy, the business of it is hard. I also had some cards made up for the earrings, I tried these two images as something new.
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