Wednesday, June 1, 2011


As some of you know, Lenna and I have been working in our altered books for some time, and Lenna has been so gracious with her patience, since this time I have had my book for months. Health setbacks and various other life stuff have gotten in the way, but I hope with this new work I am back on track. These are some new pages I did in my book, and just sent off to her, and now I will get to work in her book soon....yaaaay, that is the best part!
The "Art happens" piece Lenna actually sent to me, and I loved it so much because of the friendship words, I had to use it in my spread, and it is by far my favorite, and a lovely reminder of my dear friend!
Today it is 90 degrees already, and I am heading out to do some errands, and hopefully some art or jewelry time later. Enjoy today friends, and thank you for visiting!!


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