Tuesday, November 10, 2009


MABEL just couldn't take it!
(make sure you squint so you don't see the dust!)

A new bird flew in to meet the round robin !

Lenna's wonderful journal!

Esther's spoiling me with gifts of paper, atc's, bits, bobs, and


Ok....seriously, I came home to work on some jewelry today because I'm stressing over this party tomorrow night. I should have known it wasn't going to be good when Mabel was facing down, instead of up, really not a good sign. Maybe I talked myself right into it, but nothing worked out.....you know, did you ever have that day when you can't even figure out how you EVER made jewelry, cause every move is just awful, I mean, cutting wire in the wrong spot so the entire piece falls apart, crushing beads with pliers....I hope you know what I mean. So that was the end of the work session. Thank goodness some sweetness flew in from my friend Lenna, who I am working on an altered book exchange with. Of course she is done ahead of me, BUT, I have started, and you will soon see. Her journal is magical, and the marks on the paper are lyrical in movement, just like some of her backgrounds....just amazing! And sweet Esther to my rescue too.. I ordered a pair of earrings from my famous french jewelry designer and she sends me things like it's Christmas....I squeal when I open her packages......all kinds of precious little things for me to play with! Oh! And along with that Lenna sends me this little cutie bird to warm my heart and soul, and she's staying close to round robin!! So I didn't make anything today with my hands, but I made memories for a lifetime!! Thanks friends!!


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