Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I read Lorelei's blog about copyrights and wanted to respond, and realized as my thoughts went racing it would take a long time, so I found this article that pretty much sums up my feelings. Granted it is a bit of reading , but really worth it I think. Originality, in art, including jewelry, is something to me that is practically extinct. There are arguments everywhere about this. A style becomes original and distinct, and I would never think that I conceived something in the art or jewelry world that was new, nor do I think anyone else has, just maybe a little different and personal. My thinking tends to be abstract I know, but this is my own personal feeling. If you have studied art and art history, you will know this to be true. Of course everyone will always have their own definition for original. If it comes down to questioning whether we should be using a certain type of bead because others use it, and claim they like using it, what does that mean? Where did you learn or acquire your artistic abilities? Think long and hard before you answer that. Were you at all influenced by someone, or something? If you can honestly say you were not, you are a true original.

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Some older work I thought I'd share . Since I have been working in metal a lot and trying to incorporate that sometimes with beads, I look back at my older pieces sometimes for reference, and usually see something in there or a relationship of materials that I didn't see before. I think this is why I like so many different styles, I can always find a part of something I like and try to figure how I can combine that with other things I like for an eclectic mix!


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