Sunday, January 10, 2010


If you read my post a few days ago, you know I was not very fond of my grandfather. There are a few memories though that are so fresh in my mind from my childhood, and I translated one of those into a necklace. When I was a kid, I really disliked my "pops" as we called him. If he said anything to me it was usually to tease me, and my response was always a big fat "SO"! And his response was always, " Sew buttons on your old man's shirt!" As a kid, that really confused the heck out of me. ha. I would always tell my mom I didn't know what that meant, and she was never successful at explaining it either! That experession still stays with me, and I say it to my small nieces and nephews once in a while, and they look at me with that same perplexed face. Times have changed, and this saying is antiquainted, but it is another warm memory of days gone by, and an easier way to look at part of the past.

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