Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yup, another first for me! This is an assemblage I made for the Moonlight Journey Art contest on the Creative Souls group. I first heard about this contest via my good friend and super talented artist Terri Khars, who is on the Moonlight Journey design team. They have some super fabulous collage sheets to work with. This project nagged at the back of my head all month, because I really didn't want to do another atc, or regular collage, I wanted to do something different. Today it finally came together. I saw some tumbled marble pieces in work ( I work in a large tile store) , and really loved the organic quality they have. I made an alterish type thing out of the collage sheet , cut out the arch, and cut out the woman, and added the butterfly wings.
I made another butterfly from the sheets and put that one to rest on the step, found a really neat pewter bee, and added some flowers. I used broken pieces of marble around the base to secure the arch, and added a blingy crystal drop to hang over her crown. This was a blast!
Let me just say that I NEVER ever would have thought a few months back that I would be doing assemblage! I never thought I would try anything other than jewelry! But I am so glad I continue to try new things. I want to mention that this idea of assemblage came from some great inspiration from Cat Kerr of " In the Light of the Moon". Her altered pieces and assemblages are really wonderful! Check her blog out if you haven't already! Also, check out Terri Khars blog for some super collage inspiration!! And as always, thank you to my very good friend Lenna, my mentor and wonderfully dear friend. She is always a source of inspiration and encouragement
Thanks for visiting everyone...and for your constant support!!


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