Monday, April 27, 2009


Aren't these the most charming, cutest, sweetest charms you've ever seen?!! So gorgeous and mysterious looking!! Intriguing!! I just love them, and I have Amber to thank for letting us in on all these charm giveaways. You still have time to check these out, and their wonderful, incredible, inspiring blogs! As you can tell , I like and appreciate all forms and styles of jewelry, art, and it's parts and processes. I think it keeps your mind fresh to learn about everything you can!!
Amber at International Charm Day
Anne at Bulles Dorees
Tracy at A Garnet Heart Flows
Arlene at Altered By Me
These are just a few!!

BTW, the bottles are made by Anne's at Bulles Dorees!! Her blog alone is beautiful, not to mention her creations!!


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