Wednesday, March 6, 2013


 this is a piece of a mixed media necklace I made recently

That is the thing I guess I always have in the back of my mind...measuring up. How about you? Even though I say it doesn't matter, I find myself measuring and comparing myself to others all the time, and I am trying and working to release myself from this thought. I think it is self destructive, and as I speak out loud now I am reminding myself to go back to my motto this year, and that is to try my best. That, I know I am doing. I am curious to know how everyone else handles the self criticism and self induced guilt...or are you free of this, and how do you do it?!!! I am trying.

 Believe me when I say I did not stage these two photos! This is my workmat, and I am winding down what has been a feverish pitch of working these past few days getting ready for a showing. Phew!

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