Sunday, April 19, 2009


I usually feel pretty icky on Mondays, so as a pick me up I thought I would have a GIVEAWAY!
I would like to giveaway my "Courage" necklace to whoever is interested in leaving a comment on a specific question I'm interested in knowing how you all feel about! LeAnn suggested I could loan my necklace out, but I think I'm ready to pass it on. You see, I worked long and hard on this piece of jewelry, and it turned out it was something I was very proud of, because I felt it portrayed what I wanted it to, and I did it how I wanted to. To me, I could only price this piece for materials used, since time was too lengthy to put a price on. I guess sometimes it takes me a long time to make a piece because I am personally involved in each piece representing or meaning something. As long as I can remember I knew I wanted to do something creative and involving art in my life. When I went away to college I thought that was commercial art, I was sooooo wrong. It was so controlling and dictating, I felt so repressed and that I was a sell out to myself, so I switched to Fine Art, which I quickly obtained my BFA in( that was eons ago!). That of course got me nowhere quick financially! I then got married, and started working full time at a mediocre job just to financially survive. NOW, after raising a beautiful daughter with my husband and having some free time, I became involved in making jewelry, and what I thought might be a profitable business 2 years ago, has led me to my creative side again, and I find myself creating more ART jewelry, than jewelry for profit, BUT I love what I'm doing! Sometimes I think it's a big mistake in not making things that I know people will buy, BUT I JUST CAN'T bring myself to do I guess I'll continue to not be rich, but I do know I am being true to myself! SOOOOOOOOO, DO YOU THINK YOU STAY TRUE TO YOUR ART, AND YOURSELF, OR ARE YOU COMMERCIALLY COMPROMISED AT TIMES?
I'll pick a random winner Thursday April 23rd. (Sorry you had to endure the saga of my life!)
I thank you for your support, kindness, and honesty!
This giveaway is open to all creative people, so spread the word!
Please leave me your email so I can contact the winner!


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