Sunday, May 22, 2011


After a crappy week of health stuff, and devoting a lot of time to making jewelry for a presentation today, I finally have some me time! I just started a new journal class with artist Kelly Kilmer, and I just love her style! She uses very few materials, and uses lots of leftover papers and things we already have. I am loving it, even though this is not a style I am used to, but the fact that I can do it rather quickly(tonight I spent an hour, that is quick for me), and I am trying to break out of my "same old" style. I like my style, but I also like to try new things, and this feels rather liberating. I am soon to start a class with the wonderful Roben-Marie also. Have to finish watching the videos .
The bracelet here I created as a part of jewelry that makes me feel good, you know, so maybe someone else will feel good. I can always keep it!
Thanks for visiting and I love hearing from all of you! Have a fantastic week!


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