Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hey, I finally made it back to Tea Tuesday, in an effort to fulfull my self imposed challenges of trying new things this year!
I came upon a blog yesterday, Robin and the Sage, that I completely fell in love with, and it stirred up a lot of forgotten memories of when my daughter was young. If you visit the blog you'll see I am talking about Beatrix Potter, and Briana had a few pieces of this beautiful Wedgewood china from way back when she was a wee one. So I sat digging thru newspaper wrapped pieces last night till I found the cup, and instantly there is a smile on my face and the day is magical.
I chose Bigelow Orange & Spice today, sent to me by my lovely friend Karen, and I have to say I love it! I may have to have a coffee chaser though because the tea is caffeine free!
BTW, after using the tea bag and resting it on a paper towel, you will get the most amazing color towel for your next mixed media piece!
Don't forget to join Kimmie here, and all the other T Tuesday bloggers, and thanks for visiting!
Have a beautiful day!


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