Monday, September 12, 2011


JEZABEL-available on etsy here

Again,I start this post with apologies for not visiting all my friends blogs these last few days, but the chaos of the flooding , and the traffic problems, and shopping issues that come with it have kept me busy. Roads have opened up again, so things are progressing, but the devastation will remain for a long time. Which brings me to being drawn to the color green. Seems I like the color a lot, and naturally pull to it, maybe because internally it represents growth, newness, freshness, and clean to me. Anyway , I have more green things to post in a few days, but this is the beginning.
I made the earrings, of course the sterling calls to my heart, hammered, beaten, but still shining through.
My daughter Briana made the Kumihimo braided necklace and chose LeAnn's gorgeous Koi pendant from my stash. I adore the mix of fiber and ceramic, hard and soft.

Both pieces are listed in my shop, and I am still offering 20% off my etsy shop till I decide it's over. I am feeling grateful for all that I have. I am hoping all of you out there are safe.
Thanks so much for visiting and supporting, as always means the world to me.


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