Sunday, November 28, 2010


This is how my journey began. A lowly piece of a necklace started out, very typical of me, clean lines and earth and sky colors, nature, trying to keep that close to me. Simple things mean a lot to me. The large blue raku bead I purchased from Mary Harding a loooong time ago, and I am still mesmerized by it's character. A bit wonky, beautiful color and gorgeous markings, that I think resemble a human as a whole, beautiful and very individual, and of course, not perfect.I am sure by now you have visited Cindy's blog, Sweet Bead Studio, and have heard the story of our wonderful round robin journey, a collaboration of 5 women with so much more than jewelry in common. Besides having a piece of incredible art jewelry to carry with me for the rest of my life, the bigger experience here is that I now carry a bit of the strength, love, and persona of my round robin sisters with is within me always.
We each created a journal to document our journey, this is the cover of mine, and below is a page I added to Vero's journal.
Here is a photo I managed to find of a portion I added to Vero's necklace. I do have to apologize for not having more photos. Either I forgot to take some, or I can't find them. I have a bazillion photos in my computer, but never put anything in files....ugh!
Cindy was gracious enough to send me some beautiful photos of my finished necklace. I wish I had close ups, but seems I was always so excited about sending my package on it's way around the world, that I never thought I would need beautiful photos of our process, or that we would land up in Belle Armoire Jewelry! This has been a dream come true!
I, as always, not being very organized, did not have a pouch for my necklace, and Renate sent me the sweet surprise of the bird stamped pouch she made for me. That gesture reminds me of what these ladies are all about, coming to your aid, whether it was making something or listening over emails of our trials and tribulations. I have never been so touched in my life. I think of this journey as beginning way back to the first few months I started blogging, and I came across a gorgeous blog by the name of L'atelier de Lilibulle. It was soooo gorgeous , sparkles floating through the screen and pictures of the most incredible, colorful little charms made of all sorts of things, I had to go to a translater page and find out what this was all about. I left a comment , I was so mesmerized at the beauty that came from France on the screen, and felt I had to get to know this person. From that first comment, Esther welcomed me beyond words, kindness that I had not experienced, and from there we became friends, and my friends became her friends, and vice versa, and the rr started.
I do know that I am short on photos, and I hope that you can pick up the magazine and share with us our journey. BUT, if anyone knows me, it is really not about the piece of jewelry that I can hold, it is about the heart and soul and the spiritual connection that the necklace created. I have touched the same things that my sisters have touched, and I have felt their love and emotion, and nothing means more than that. Each of these women have been a pivotal part in my growth as an artist, but more importantly as a person. They not only transformed my necklace, they transformed a part of my being, and I am forever grateful.

Like Cindy, I would like to offer these few items as a little giveaway to all of you who always support me, and visit, and come to share in my little ALL mean so much to me.
I have a bezel I filled with a part of my original collage work, and filled with Ice Resin, an etched copper piece I made, you probably would want to oxidize, and the vintage handkerchief they are lying on. I choose a random winner on Thursday also.

Please be sure to visit Renate's blog on Tuesday and Esther's blog on Wednesday for a continuation of the Round Robin story!

To everyone who comes here, thank you as always, from the bottom of my heart!


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