Thursday, September 10, 2015


Trying to get over a head cold now, so I took the night off of jewelry making, and decided to play with my watercolors, (have been wanting to do that every single day for months, so why don't I?) and started painting in my sketchbookery journal.There is a link on my sidebar to Mary Ann Moss's sketchboory class...I highly recommend's just fab and so is she! I always start out disliking my paintings terribly at first, but in the end I just go with the flow and seem to like it after all.One of my goals is to loosen up...a lot....and not be so tight. I think I started to do that, so I am happy I accomplished that. I'm also happy I didn't draw it out first with the pen, I just put paint to paper and started! Although, I was VERY tempted to attack it with my black pen as I do in my collages, so I may try that down the line somewhere!  I had fun, and reeeeeally hope to continue in a more regular pattern from now on. 

Wish me luck.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I appreciate all of you so much!

Monday, September 7, 2015


It's been three months, and it's felt like three days! I am terrible at blogging, at actually getting it done, but I do love to see what all of you are doing, so I'll keep trying and trying!
Here's what's been, and jewelry. I spent the good part of the last 5 weeks getting ready to take my jewelry to a local shop. That turned out really well, and I am sort of slacking a bit now, and enjoying it!!  These are some recent pieces, so I hope you enjoy. I am sure somewhere in there I have made some art, and I will share that soon!

Thanks for visiting! I've been working hard and I hope you will visit my etsy shop! I appreciate all your lovely comments!


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