Wednesday, March 31, 2010


When I create jewelry, this is where it comes from......within. I believe everything that I do is relevant to what is within me. My faith , love, family, friends, art , creativity, communication, and everything I touch , feel.....within. Most times there aren't any words that I think capture how I feel, it is just within. You either get it or you don't. If you are here and reading this, you probably got it a long time ago...from within. You are all a part of me, you are all within me. I continually am thankful for your support and for taking the time to visit me.

special thanks to my special friend Esther, of Mes Illusions Baroques, and for her sharing the french coin, vintage medal, and black faceted glass bead! I consider Esther as always a part of me and my creativity!

necklace of torn and stamped muslin, hessonite, labrodorite, swarovski crytals,
bali beads, hand cut and stamped sterling and freeform wire, vintage religious medal, handmade twisted jump rings, french coin clasp.
Available on etsy

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today, I finally got to meet one of my online friends, Roc. Roc and I became friends online through the blog world and art swaps. She only lives about an hour away from me, so today we got together, and it was just wonderful! Roc has a friend near her that owns a beautiful clothing boutique, with some special and unique clothing and accessories, and she was kind enough to ask her friend to look at my work. Again, pure amazement at what friends do for friends, and I had never even met her yet! Well Patti, the shop owner looked at my online jewelry and I agreed to pay her a visit and show her in person. Patti is super, the meeting went GREAT, she made a great purchase, and now will feature my jewelry in her shop, and I am so honored and humbled. Arty people will never cease to amaze me, and that includes all of you that visit me. You all get it!
We went for lunch afterwards, and then I spent more time with Roc. She made my daughter and me homemade lemon cookies...yuuuuummm. We had fun with her pups, Benny and is Benny, he's adorable, Ruby hid a lot.
It was a fantastic day, and my emotions are still overwhelmed. Thank you Roc, for your kindness and your caring, support and means the world to me, and I am so happy we could meet. I look forward to the next time, and to meet more of my online friends!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This card I am showing here is a beautiful thank you from a wonderful lady I met on the blog, Lesley, of Paperliscious Delicious. Lesley makes the most beautiful cards and paper pieces , just gorgeous, I would call them perfect. As you can see from this one, there are so many details in them, it's amazing, and the more you look the more you see. Lesley bought 2 pieces of jewelry from my etsy store, so when I sent them to her, I sent a small extra pair of earrings because she was so kind, and said such wonderful things about my jewelry. She in turn sent me this card that I just love, and will keep this by me as I work and remind me daily of the things I should be thinking about. Thank you so much Lesley. I am continually astounded at the kindness and generosity of the people I meet here, and Lesley expressed the same sentiments in her note.

The next photos are of a vintage suitcase that I have had for about 1o years, and just discovered what I wanted to do with it! I have to present my jewelry to someone this weekend who is interested in buying it, and didn't really feel that packing up my pieces in baggies (like I usually do to go to a show), presented them in their best light. Actually, my brother's girlfriend suggested this a while back, but it took me while to do it, but I am so glad I did. I think it will also make a really nice display at my show table too. If you are interested, I cut 2 pieces of floral styrofoam to the size and covered the top and sides with a quilt batting, and then a fabric of choice. I hot glued the fabric around the styrofoam, and then hot glued the whole piece to the inside of the suitcase. I arranged the jewelry on the background and held it in place with silver floral pins...easy in and out, and easy to carry.

I feel like I found harmony with this project, this is me, it reflects me and who I am. When presenting my work to the public, I am always faced with the appearance factor, and how it comes across, I think this is very important. I can also say that marketing, selling, and branding is a lot of work. Jewelry making comes easy, the business of it is hard. I also had some cards made up for the earrings, I tried these two images as something new.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


For a swap, an altered cd made into a magnet with the theme of vintage children. I let my child like imagination take over here.......I think this is someplace I would like to live, as long as I had a crown of course!

Friday, March 19, 2010


A while ago I showed a tag book that I made for a swap. We each had to make 8 tags, that included birds with pointy hats, and words. I got them done, and this really was fun. I looooove rubber stamps, and as soon as I made one, I knew I had to do them all like that. Bird things and related themes always seem to flow easily with us artists.

I can't wait to see the ones I get in return!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I tried a new alter an Altoid tin in a steampunk style. I never tried steampunk before ( swear I was trying a drug or something!) Well, it was scary, but fun, and I think I did okay...and by the end I actually enjoyed it. Of course the problem is now that I don't have too much steampunk stash around sooo, guess I HAVE to go shopping!

Try something new might be fun!


If you love vintage and will loooove this blog, and this giveaway! Go see!!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Focal pendant by Esther Ramos of Mes Illusions Baroques,
Ceramic beads by LeAnn of Summers Studio,
turquoise heishi, pearls, lampwork, and bone
Sterling wirework and design by me.
available on etsy

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I tend to go in spurts with my religion and faith, that is in expressing it. I have tremendous faith, but have a very hard time showing it in my jewelry and artwork, which is something I would like to become more comfortable with. It's a real guilt thing that goes way back to catholic grade school, and some wicked nuns. In any case, I have wrestled with that for years. It has started to become more comfortable, but it is slow going. The theme for this swap is a bookmark Thing with Wings, but it had to have an this really just fell into place. I wish I could keep it, but I know I will receive one just as nice if not nicer, and I hope it brings peace to the recipient in some small way! I'm starting to like my RELIGION a bit better...the key is just to keep believing , in yourself too.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here are some pages that I made in Lenna's altered book. Her theme is Nature, and I am really having a blast and a great experience working with one of the best! I forgot to scan the pages I made, so Lenna was kind enough to do it for me and send it to me. You can visit Lenna here, Creative Lenna, and see all of her amazing work, including paper and some beautiful fabric pieces! The best word that I have to describe her work is real beauty, she can find it in everything!
Lenna has another blog called Creative Swaps , where she hosts swaps with different themes and people from all over the world have participated. I did my first one last month, and the quality of the work involved is fantastic. Lenna is the best host ever, and super organized. I highly recommend it!
Now, does anyone have any extra time they can spare?!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Huge apologies for the bad photos here...but I just had to share my wonderful finds today at the flea. It's so nice when you go with the intention of finding something and you actually do. My only expectation today was buttons, and I really scored! I know the picture doesn't do it justice, but this lot has glass buttons, (the cobalt and yellow among others), so many pretty rhinestone ones, metal, pearl, and tons of mother of pearl, and shell buttons that I didn't even show because it was bags full. Everytime I look I find something else wonderful. I also picked up some great black faceted glass and vintage rhinestone pieces that are mixed in there and hard to see. Guess I haven't any excuses now but to start working on some fabric art, and maybe some new jewelry. Ohhh, the gears are turning!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hope comes in all sizes, and different forms. It is right here.
You are all hope.

"Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life", as defined by Wikapedia.

I love hope. I relate to it, think about it, utilize it, and keep it a part of my life. I have seen it shine many times, and it has been one of my best friends. When I come here everyday , hope is to me...all of you. You are to me the vehicle which moves me to places that I cannot go alone, nor would I want to.
Thank you all.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Design by Sharon Borsavage
featuring artisan made beads and pendant by LeAnn of Summers Studio

available on etsy

I am offering free shipping at my etsy store this month!


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