Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I recently met a terrific new artist, jewelry artist, and fabric artist, in work of all places! Which just goes to show you how close we all can actually be to one another. Nancy, of Blue Violet Designs, came into my workplace for help with a tile selection, which she mostly figured out herself! She has a wonderful sense of color, of course, she is an artist!, and it shows on her work too. Nancy gifted me with this amazing pin that she made out of felt, embroidery stitching, swarovski's, and and fabric. I apologize for the poor color of the photos, but it's late. I love this little pin, and I am amazed at her generosity. I think Nancy and I will be sharing some more arty type things soon. Take a look at her blog. Besides some amazing lampwork and sterling jewelry, her choices of beads are crazy good, she likes photography, and you can see some of that there as well. Maybe she will share more of her creations with us. I am grateful to Nancy for what she has shared with me!

Oh, the background for this picture is my pathetic attempt at Teresa McFayden's Freestyle embroidery that I started a few months ago. As you can see, I didn't get too far, but I do still love to do it. I will eventually pick it up again...maybe tomorrow!


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