Sunday, October 3, 2010


I am so happy! I finally made my own bezels thanks to the wonderful Towers and Turrets class, and the wonderful instructors Deryn Mentock and Sharon Thomlinson. I am having a blast making these now, and this was also my first attempt at Ice Resin, and I am in love with that too! My piece on the right did not dome because I had a teeny opening on the bottom right corner, but it filled nicely and for a first attempt I am happy. There will be more to come! So thank you for letting me share that, and now onto the giveaway.............

Winner of the fabric piece is Patty Szymkowicz of Magpie's Nest, aaaaand, winner of the earrings is Nan of Spirited Earth! If both of you would send me an email with your addresses, I will get your gifts out to you! Thank you to everyone who visits and participates, and I do have to say that the greatest gift is mine, because you all make my days so much more special!


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