Sunday, January 16, 2011


I started making some new necklaces this weekend. I really have been loving cloth and material these days, so I wanted to incorporate that in my jewelry. I also have wanted to use some of my vintage parts and pieces, little details that are so special to me, so I came up with these, and I am pretty happy with them. They convey how I feel, and the cloth gives me that added warm feel that I like so much....comfortable. You can find these on my etsy by clicking here.
This gorgeous girl is a transfer on a beautiful handmade heart that my sweet friend Marie sent me. Isn't she precious? Marie is a very gifted and talented friend, and if you don't know her blog already, visit her here, at Lost Bird Studio. She sent me some other goodies, including a tea, which I love since I made a cup already! And that little red velvet tag is just so perfect. Thank you so much Marie!

And thank you to everyone visiting and looking and commenting, you are all special.


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