Sunday, May 24, 2009


Scarlet Lanson has launched her 2nd Use The Muse contest, and it looks very inviting to me. I missed the first one, so I'm anxious to jump in and give this one a try! She has teamed up with a few select sponsors for this , and they have put together a beautiful kit!! Scarlet's blog and website are a treasure to look at, and there is sooooo much information on it I suggest you visit it for yourself. An added bonus is that every week she is giving away a prize for spreading the news about her contest, and judging by the photo of this first week's prize, they are all going to be great as well!!! I just want to say thanks to Scarlet for all the hard work she must have to put into this, in order to share creativity with all of us. THANKS SCARLET! Here's a photo of this week's blogger rewards!!


I finally have two days off in a row, since I usually work Saturdays, so my plan is to RELAX!
Sometimes I really have a problem doing that, but I'm sure going to try. More photos of my yard, which helps me to relax!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday!


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